Monday, November 27, 2006

Film to TV movies

The other day i was watching TBS and Dumb and Dumber came on, dont act surprised it probably should be a T.V. show as much as they show it now. Anyways, everytime i have seen the movie, it has been on DVD or VHS (yes, i have fossils all through my house). The T.V. verison is way different apparently due to editing reasons. My complaint isn't with editing, but how the edited the movie.
Most of the scenes they had to cut out of Dumb and Dumber were the scenes that made the movie (so i was dissappointed alot), and on top of that they editing was horrible. Its sad when someone can say that its better quality to put blurs on the screens or "bleeps" over the audio. Instead of doing that they edited out scenes, and the edits were horrible. People that don't really know anything about editing, noticed that whatever they did was bad. When you do that it reflects bad on the movie, because all the people know is that the movie quality was horrible. Thank you and Goodnight.

*Steps off the soapbox*


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