Monday, October 16, 2006

New Adventures...

My mom and my sister are a big fan of a show called New Adventures of Old Christine. Its a comedy about a woman that divorces her husband and he starts dating another girl named Christine. So that girl's nickname is New Christine, and the ex-wife is Old Christine. The show is about her adventures of her life, but it is very good. Its starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which was her most famous role was in Seinfield.
Since Seinfield ended most of the cast tried to continue their career with other T.V. shows, they all flopped. That happens with most actors in television that reach that kind of popularity. The actors gets known as the characters instead of being an individual actors. This show is different than others. Julia has definately got away from being Elaine on Seinfield. New Adventures she is able to be a different character and pulls it off well. The show is great, its funny. It keeps me laughing.


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