Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Its a bird, Its a plane, its....Smallville

Smallville on the CW, pretty cool show. It's teenage drama about Superman's life when he was a teenager, obiviously it's during present time. The concept of the show is pretty creative, it's like Dawson's Creek meets Superman and they meshed together and you get Smallville. The actors I enjoy quite a bit. The actors are really good. The part I must say is aggravating would probably have to be the stories.
At first it was creative, as the show went along it began to repeat itself. Every enemy from the episode began to be the same except with different powers. When that happens the interest people have in it is lost. The episode I watched was the second one in the season. They are starting to bring in another super hero. That has been a reoccuring event, they have brought about 3 or 4 superheroes in the show. They are also trying to bring in a superhero team from the comic books that superman helped start. It's like nerds and cheerleaders sitting at the same lunch table, it just doesnt happen. Why make a show that is popular among teenagers (not arent fans of comic books) more like the comic books. It doesnt make sense to me.


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