Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gross...Soap Operas

Being in my household for 20 years, I grew up watching Soap Operas with my mother. She would come in the living room and take over the T.V. and i would either watch that or do nothing. I would suffer through it. Watching them most everyday with your mother for 5 days a week. You kinda become too familiar with soap operas.
All My Children is the show she was watching, if she can't catch it she will record it. This was one of the few time that I sat with her and watched the show. I must say that they are so predictable. I wonder if the writers don't realize it or if it is on purpose. I sat there and could tell what would happen at the end of the episode. Then I also could what would happen later in the show. I mean come spice it up alittle, make it interesting.


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