Monday, October 30, 2006


I have been taking this co-worker home for the last couple of days. He will turn on the radio and listen to rap music on the radio. I havent listened to the radio on a regular in years, I have heard hear and there riding and in other peoples car. Since I have been hearing it more often, i remember listening back in the day. So I start to compare the radio that I listened to and the radio that is still on.
I have come to the conclusion that radio has not changed much since I listened to it. I didnt really care for it then, and i dont care for it now. All it has become is almost one big commercial, it's a joke. If I am going to turn on the radio i wanna listen to music, not a car salesman, or a pawn shop owner. I would rather pop in one of my CD's and listen to that instead of having interruptings every 10 minutes. Less ad's and more music.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Robot Chicken

There is this show on Adult Swim, which is on Cartoon Network, called Robot Chicken. The show is a stop-motion T.V. show that takes movies and t.v. show and makes fun of them. The show is so stinking hilarious, whenever i watch it i know i am gonna be laughing most of the time if not all the time. They even have actors come and make fun of themselves.
Well see i cant catch robot chicken when it comes on TV because i dont have cable and i am doing other things. All is ok with me because i know that i will be able to watch on monday after work because the post it on there. I love it, the show that i want to see with only one commercial before the show. I enjoy the no interruptions of watching the television shows on the internet. One of the coolest things ever.

Monday, October 16, 2006

New Adventures...

My mom and my sister are a big fan of a show called New Adventures of Old Christine. Its a comedy about a woman that divorces her husband and he starts dating another girl named Christine. So that girl's nickname is New Christine, and the ex-wife is Old Christine. The show is about her adventures of her life, but it is very good. Its starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which was her most famous role was in Seinfield.
Since Seinfield ended most of the cast tried to continue their career with other T.V. shows, they all flopped. That happens with most actors in television that reach that kind of popularity. The actors gets known as the characters instead of being an individual actors. This show is different than others. Julia has definately got away from being Elaine on Seinfield. New Adventures she is able to be a different character and pulls it off well. The show is great, its funny. It keeps me laughing.


I watched Soap Operas again this week with my mother. I think its just meant for me never to give them props. I have yet to find anything good about soap operas. Last time i posted i said that soap opera are very predictable, and that I could tell you what was going to happen later in that episode or even the week. Something i noticed while watching them was the acting in soap opera's is terrible.
The acting is crazy, I am beginning to wonder if a requirment is that you have to be a horrible actor. Nothing ever seems to be realistic at all. You figured that soap operas would want actors that would show realism or make it seem like real life. Lets say there is a doctor, then something crazy happens. The response of the doctor is unrealistic, it almost seems to take his time. The same stands for everyone else in the show.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Its a bird, Its a plane, its....Smallville

Smallville on the CW, pretty cool show. It's teenage drama about Superman's life when he was a teenager, obiviously it's during present time. The concept of the show is pretty creative, it's like Dawson's Creek meets Superman and they meshed together and you get Smallville. The actors I enjoy quite a bit. The actors are really good. The part I must say is aggravating would probably have to be the stories.
At first it was creative, as the show went along it began to repeat itself. Every enemy from the episode began to be the same except with different powers. When that happens the interest people have in it is lost. The episode I watched was the second one in the season. They are starting to bring in another super hero. That has been a reoccuring event, they have brought about 3 or 4 superheroes in the show. They are also trying to bring in a superhero team from the comic books that superman helped start. It's like nerds and cheerleaders sitting at the same lunch table, it just doesnt happen. Why make a show that is popular among teenagers (not arent fans of comic books) more like the comic books. It doesnt make sense to me.

Gross...Soap Operas

Being in my household for 20 years, I grew up watching Soap Operas with my mother. She would come in the living room and take over the T.V. and i would either watch that or do nothing. I would suffer through it. Watching them most everyday with your mother for 5 days a week. You kinda become too familiar with soap operas.
All My Children is the show she was watching, if she can't catch it she will record it. This was one of the few time that I sat with her and watched the show. I must say that they are so predictable. I wonder if the writers don't realize it or if it is on purpose. I sat there and could tell what would happen at the end of the episode. Then I also could what would happen later in the show. I mean come spice it up alittle, make it interesting.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Office

On Thursday I watched a comedy called the Office. I had often heard people talk about it and how funny it is. Like any other show you never have watched before, you are kinda lost as to what is going on. The dry humor all through out the show was very enjoyable, and my kind of humor.
Basically, the show is appartently these people filming a documentary of this office or something. When the characters make a joke or something they will look at the camera or people behind the camera to catch their reaction if they had one. So a very creative concept for a T.V. show i thought. It also stars a very funny guy....that i enjoy most everything he has been in.


I got to see NBC's new show Heroes last tuesday when it premired. It was really good, i kept my attention. Pretty much what it is about is that these group of people some how get these powers. Well the show is focused on these people. I like the concept of the show, just that these normal people are endowed with the powers. The first episode introduced these characters. That is what i like most about this show so far.
The characters in the show are what i find enjoyable. Each person is way different from the others. These are typical heroes either. One character is a mother has her own adult website with webcam, and is the only source of income to support herself and her child, one guy is a drug addict, other guy is a nerd from japan. They characters are unique, and their reactions to their power are interesting too. They are normal, they are below the standard that people think is "normal" and they are heroes. Protrays no matter the social standard, you can be a hero.