Thursday, September 21, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

I am not an avid T.V. watcher, but my sisters really enjoy this hospital sitcom called Grey's Anatomy. I have seen it before in passing or eating in my living room while other were watching it. I sat through it and watched a good bit of the show. It was the season premire, soo i guess if you saw last season's finale you would know what is going on.
Just from watching it today, it seemed to be the typical T.V. drama just about doctors living out their provacative, and sex focused lives with other doctors (most of the time in the hospital). Then things heat up when the wife (who is a doc) of a doctor finds the underwear (of another doc). Then depressing parts show up randomly, cuz a doctor fell in love with a patient that dies. Sooo people help her deal throughout the episode. I suppose you would like if you are into hospital dramas with "love" all through it. That just aint for me. I found the show to be cliche and very typical of most drama's today. Peace out. -Joel